1. What are Direct Assessments? 
    Direct assessments are annual service charges such as sewer, street lighting, sanitation and mosquito abatement which appear on property tax bills, but they are not taxes. 



  2. Why have you contacted me?
    You are due significant refunds of overpayment, based on our Research Department’s analysis.



  3. What sets you apart from your competitors?
    CTS will do a review of all of your properties for refund potential. We do not focus our refund efforts on just the property we contacted you about. We are the only company that works on creating new refund areas and if necessary will take legal action to get these refunds into place. We also have more refund areas than our competitors which, besides our expertise, is another reason why we can secure larger refunds for our clients than the competition.



  4. What if I already have a value firm?
    That is wonderful, however we are not a value firm. We are a research company specializing in direct assessment refunds. Direct assessments are annual service changes such as sewer, street lighting, sanitation and mosquito abatement which appear on property tax bills.



  5. I don’t wish to affect the value of my property (Proposition 13) or my relationship with the County Assessor’s Office.
    Our efforts have never affected property values. We work directly with the public agencies whose annual service charges are simply placed on property tax bills as means of guaranteed payment on a per parcel basis. We do not deal with the County Assessor’s Office.



  6. How much time will I spend on this?
    Our average refund is $10,000, and we do most of the work. Most of our clients spend no more than a total of 30 minutes gathering any necessary information.



  7. I’ve looked at my tax bill, and the charges are correct.
    We would not waste your time or ours. Since we work strictly on a contingency basis, we would not have contacted you unless we were certain that, based on our research, you are due significant refunds of overpayment.



  8. What if I no longer own the property?
    It’s free and clear money for you. We will claim your overpayments for the prior years that you did own the property, governed by the applicable statute of limitations.



  9. I lease the property. Am I eligible for a refund?
    You are legally entitled to the overpayment refund if you paid the property taxes either directly to the County or indirectly to your landlord.



  10. I don’t keep my business records in order. Can you still assist me?
    Not a problem. The information we require is minimal. You can rest assured that as the leader in the industry we have the capability of acquiring most of the necessary data from our sources, at our cost.



  11. I’ve worked with companies like yours before…I will not do all that work for nothing!
    We couldn’t agree more! If your time is wasted, so is ours. We are the founders and experts of this industry, committed to respecting the value of our customers’ time. When we contact you, our homework has been done. As our client, only information necessary to submit the refund will be requested from you.



  12. The Owner (or boss) doesn’t wish to claim the refund.
    We have found that this means the decision maker does not understand what our company does. Who would turn down a risk-free refund of overpayment that is rightfully theirs?



  13. Your fees are too high! 
    You get what you pay for. Our service is risk-free. We don’t get paid until you receive your refund check(s). Feel secure being represented by the most reputable company in the industry with an 80% market share and a 95% success rate of securing overpayment refunds for our clients. We combine extensive research and knowledge with the ability to develop alternative methodologies that are respected and accepted by the public agencies, and in turn deliver the largest refunds where others are unsuccessful.



  14. What if I don’t need or want my refund?
    We are happy to hear that. This usually means that you are prospering financially. We would like to suggest sharing this abundance with those less fortunate. We will assist you in donating the refund to your favorite charity, while donating a portion of our fees, too.