Commercial Tax Services (CTS) has been very successful in obtaining refunds for clients by identifying parcels that have been incorrectly assessed on your property tax bill. An example of those charges are shown in the graphics below. Becoming a client of CTS is a no-risk decision.  We conduct your audit for free to determine the accuracy of the charges on your tax bill.  Since our services are contingency based, we only get paid when you receive your refund check.

The CTS process is designed to be minimally invasive to our clients.  We work hard to make sure we provide you with a ‘no hassle’ audit experience. Very little, if any, work is done on your part.

CTS has built a proprietary software program that not only can perform your audit in an efficient and short amount of time, but will provide the taxing agencies with the most reliable and accurate claim information.  This means less work for them, and a much better chance for your claim to be approved more quickly.  These agencies know the detail and reliability that goes into a claim from CTS and give if special attention.

Contact CTS today with your commercial property address and parcel ID from your tax bill to see if you have been properly charged.  REMEMBER, it costs you nothing to have us check it out.


If you would like to see if your parcel or parcels are eligible, fill out the form below and one of our Tax Advisors will get back to you.

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